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Specialist competence and treatment programs in mental illness specifically linked to eating disorders, performance problems and safe and sustainable development environments.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are associated with great suffering and many limitations in daily life. Here is over 20 years of experience working with different types of eating disorders. You can get help with assessing your problems and difficulties as well as tailored treatment with CBT according to current evidence. There is a special focus on elite sports, which is why you as a high-level athlete can have treatment problems related to food, eating, exercise and weight.

Eating disorders, sports and exercise

Are you worried about gaining weight? Do you feel fat and dissatisfied with your body? Are you trying to control weight by being very careful about what you eat? Do you train too much? Are there days when you are constantly preoccupied with food? If this apply to you, you may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Health and the Elite Athlete

There has been a long-lasting notion that athletes are healthy, strong, and invulnerable, at all levels, both physically and mentally. Traditionally, sport psychology has mainly focused on performance enhancement, primarily for the healthy athlete.

Fatigue, overtraining and recovery

Long-term stress-related ill health and fatigue in the general population are commonly discussed since it contributes to physical and mental health problems with disabling consequences for sufferer. This mainly applies to professionals and focus of the discussions are often on the work environment, leadership, collegial climate and workload in relation to recovery.

Telepsychological services

Telepsychology is the provision of behavioral and mental health care services using technological modalities in addition to face-to-face therapy. This means that assessment, counseling, and psychological treatment with CBT takes place via video link (so-called telemedicine/telehealth). This means that you meet Dr. Klara Edlund online, either integrated in an already ongoing treatment (e.g., when you are unable to come into the office for a face-to-face session) or you carry out the entire treatment online.

Performance Blocks

In the work with performance psychology, there are a number of athletes reporting difficulties linked to performing what used to be automatic movements. Athletes often describe this as a mysterious and sudden loss of an ability or skill that was previously automatic. This phenomenon is called Performance blocks, but has also previously been called Loss movement syndrome, yips or twisties.

Non-Accidental Abuse in Sport

The level of knowledge about abuse in sport is high. It shows that athletes are subject to abuse in sport. Children are particularly vulnerable and their experiences can have lifelong consequences. Abuse in sport includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse, together with neglect (lack of care).

Psychological treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT, can be briefly described as a psychological treatment method based on learning theories, emotion theories, and cognitive psychology. Characteristic of working with CBT is that it is an active collaboration between patient and psychologist where you together in a structured way identify thoughts, feelings and behaviors that contribute to perpetuating problems in everyday life.