Sustainable Health and Excelling Performances

Working with highly specialized care for eating problems, body image and compulsive exercise are some of my core commitments.

Sustainable Health and Excelling Performances

For seven years, more than 1,000 schoolgirls of different ages were studied over time in the Uppsala area, aiming to identify risk- and protective factors for the development of eating disorders. The work led to a doctoral dissertation in 2000. The work with problems related to food, eating, weight, body shape, and exercise has been a central part of my work and commitment ever since. I   also work with issues related to achievements in sports, performing arts and professional performances.

My services

Specialist competence and treatment programs in mental illness specifically linked to eating disorders, performance problems and safe and sustainable development environments..

Dr. Klara Edlund

October 12, 2022

Depression, loneliness, perfectionistic concerns, risky alcohol use and physical activity and sleep quality in Swedish university students. Results from the SUN-study.

Previous research shows that sleep quality may interact with some other predictors of depression, such that poor sleep could strengthen…
October 5, 2022

Dr. Klara Edlund talks to Swedish TV about the problem of influencers delivering advice on mental health problems to others. This can put people in need for professional help in harms way

The youtuber and influencer Therése Lindgren is often approached by her followers who share stories about their lives and health.…
September 26, 2022

Body dissatisfaction, compulsive exercise and alcohol use can increase the risk of depression among Swedish university students.

The overall aim of the SUN-study is to advance the knowledge about mental health problems and musculoskeletal pain in university…

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